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Are your off road emergency responders ready for patient transports this season?

Picture courtesy of: Mike Brady / Energency Equipment

Multiple patient transports are routine off road emergency dispatches!

Crockettsville ATV Trail Ride EMS Rescue Stand-by
Crockettsville ATV Trail Ride EMS Rescue Stand-by


They'll be ready with 'All Terrain Res-Q' trailers and 'MedLite' insert


ATV Rescue Trailer operated by Aquinnah Police and Wampanoag Tribal Conservation Officers
[Photo courtesy of Aquinnah Police and Wampanog Tribe, Martha's Vineyard, MA]


When your beach patrols serve double duty as rescuers, having strategically placed 'All Terrain Res-Q' off road patient transport trailers staged at life guard shacks, maintenance huts, or other nearby secure structures, is both a TIME SAVER and a LIFE SAVER!  ATV rescue trailers from ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT are serving on beaches from Florida to Alaska, plus on Cap Cod and Nantucket, and even in the Bahamas!  In addition to these coastal locations, several All Terrain Rescue trailers are used at state and national parks and forest; as well at larger Hike & Bike facilities operated by several major ski resorts throughout North America. 

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Nantucket Police Dept. Beach Life Guard Service, MA - Nobadeer Beach - July, 2014
[Photo courtesy of Nicole Harnishfeger, The Inquirer and Mirror, Nantucket, MA]

With 'All Terrain Res-Q' off road patient transport trailers strategically positioned along the beach, any Life Guard Service, Law Enforcement, or Fire / Rescue 4X4 ATV or UTV becomes an emergency medical transport unit in minutes!


The Boy Scouts of America chose ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT to provide four 'All Terrain Res-Q' off road patient transport trailers for use at the new 'Summit Bechtel National Scout Reserve' (SBR) near Mount Hope, West Virginia.  With 50,000 Scouts and Leaders, attending the National Scout Jamboree, SBR's ATV Emergency Medical Response Teams were ready for anything -- anywhere on this +10,600 acre, mostly wooded mountainous facility, adjacent to the New River Gorge National Park!

ATV Rescue Team and Trailer at BSA Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in WV

Remember the Boy Scout moto: "BE PREPARED!"  To insure access on the +36 miles of narrow mountain bike trails, BSA's EMS planners ordered 'Anderson Litter Wheels' and mounted them to the top rail of their 'Junkin' JSA-200 basket stretchers.  When the 'ATV/ATR'  EMS Team encounters a trail not wide enough for their machines, the basket stretcher and litter wheel are dismounted and the EMS Team continues their mission.  At the scene, other Scouts and Scout Leaders are enlisted to assist the EMS Team in transporting the patient back to their 'ATV/ATR' combination rig.
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///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT proudly introduces 
TIREBALLS 'RUN - FLAT' tire protection system!
TireBalls for Off Road Rescue Vehicles

Click image above for more about the TIREBALLS "RUN - FLAT" system for your rescue team!

 Call:  859-359-4502, or email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .
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Check out this Fire / Rescue UTV Eddyville FD recently placed in service!
Eddyville FD KY Polaris Crew Ranger FireLite FDH-203

This Polaris 'Crew Ranger' is outfitted with a FireLite FDH-203 Fire / Rescue bed insert.  The skid includes a Darley / Davey -- Honda powered self-priming two-stage pump, 55 gallon poly-tank, hannay hose reel with 100-Ft. of 3/4" booster hose and electric rewind, Scotty 'around-the-pump' Class - A foam system with 5 gallon foam cell, low-flow pistol grip nozzle, and Turtle Tile covered stretcher deck with two 1" stainless steel hand rails and 10 Velcro tie-down straps.

For more information on FireLite Fire / Rescue inserts call: 859-359-4502  or Email: EEResQ@cs.com!

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Check this out!

Crockettsville H2H ATV Trail Ride Mud Hole
Photo courtesy of Mike Brady all rights reserved.
This Polaris 'Crew Ranger' is outfitted with a MedLite MTD-103 EMS / Rescue bed insert.  The unit is operated by Jake's Branch VFD in Eastern Kentucky.  The driver challenged this "Mud Hole" on the Crockettesville Charity ATV Trail and won!!!
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For more information call:  859-359-4502 .  Or, email:   EEResQ@cs.com .

 In the "Golden Hour" of rescue, minutes matter.  So, now is the time to prepare!

Crockettsville H2H ATV Trail Ride Ranger with MedLite insert and ResQ Trailer

"All Terrain Res-Q" off road patient transport trailers are safely towed by ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, plus Jeeps and other OHVs.  No mater what the off road mission brings, 'ATR' patient trailers are the 'MANPOWER MULTIPLIER' you wish you had for your last extended off road carryout.  Select from the original straight frame 'ATR-1' or, if storage space is limited, the 'ATR-2', a very compact folding frame model.    As multiple patient transports with far fewer rescuers are becoming more commmon today, install the 'MedLite' EMS / Rescue insert in the bed of your full size side-by-side utility vehicle.
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CONGRATULATIONS to Barnwell County, South Carolina, EMA!

This KAWASAKI 'Trans4X4' Diesel Mule has been converted for service as an 'Off Road Fire / Rescue / EMS' rapid response unit.  The vehicle is now available to assist all emergency responders of Barnwell County, SC.  Also, by mutual aid agreement with the State Emergency Management Division, this multi-mission vehicle can be deployed to assist response agencies statewide, or beyond.  Purchased from  Aiken Motorcycle Sales  with funding from a DHS grant administered through the State EM Division, this four wheel drive off-road utility vehicle is outfitted with a 'FireLite' FDH-203-46 Fire / Rescue insert supplied by ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT.  Additionally, the rescue deck is covered with 'Turtle Tile' matting for added patient comfort and includes a Junkin JSA-200B 'Break-Apart' basket stretcher for compact storage and transportation to staging.

Barnwell County, South Carolina, EMA's Kawasaki Trans4X4 Mule Off Road Fire Rescue Unit

Barnwell County, South Carolina, EMA's new "Multi-Mission" Mini-Emergency Response Vehicle.

This 'FireLite' model FDH-203-46 bed insert was specially designed for the Trans4X4's bed dimensions and capacity.  It includes a Honda powered (5.5 HP) Darley / Davey two-stage fire pump and carries 55 gallons of water in the integral poly-tank, plus 5 gallons of Class - A foam concentrate delivered via a Scotty 'around-the-pump' foam system.  This off road fire / rescue bed insert was ordered with a Hannay reel which includes electric rewind, 100 feet of 3/4" booster hose and low-flow nozzle.  Aiken Motorcycle Sales, SC, arranged for installation of the LED beacon, warning lights and full fuction siren.  Also, Aiken received and installed the 'FireLite' bed insert, making this a complete "Turn-Key" project for Mr. Roger Riley, Barnwell County EMA Director.  The vehicle is stored at a centrally located location in Barnwell, and is available for dispatch 24/7 to assist any Barnwell County, SC State, federal, or local emergency response agency.

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For more information on call:  859-359-4502,

or email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

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///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT's Honda 500 Foreman 4X4 ATV with 'All Terrain ResQ' off road patient transport trailer arrives at an 'Air Methods' MedEvac LZ in Knott County, Kentucky.

Honda 500 Foreman 4X4 ATV and All Terrain Rescue Trailer at MEDEVAC LZ in Kentucky

Every year a group of Kentucky's Fire / Rescue / EMS instructors gather for two days of "R&D" covering ATV / UTV Safety & Rescue Training.  Organized and supported by the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture's "FARM & HOME SAFETY PROGRAM" -- these volunteers provide their own off road vehicles and safety equipment, as well as meals.  As most are avid outdoorsmen and women, they camp overnight at the training site.  These events are held at the Knott County ATV & Motorcycle Training Center:  http://www.KnottCountyAdventure.com/ATV.html .

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///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT was at the  DIXIE FIRE SCHOOL in Elizabethtown, KY.

Medical Gator with MedLite Med-Bed and ATV Rescue Trailer

During this event, KIMTEK Corporation and ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT will be presenting a new 'MedLite' MTD-103 EMS / Rescue bed insert to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's "Farm and Home Safety Training Program."  This off road rescue utility vehicle bed insert includes custom cut 'Turtle Tile' stretcher deck matting donated by TURTLE Plastics.  Dale Dobson's program will be installing this insert on a John Deere Gator 4X4 'XUV' donated by Deere & Co. for use during Farm Rescue and ATV / UTV Safety & Rescue courses across Kentucky.  So, come to the DIXIE FIRE SCHOOL and check out KDA's new ride!

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'Multi-Unit special on All Terrain Res-Q & Junkin Stretchers!'

ATV Rescue Team at MedEvac LZ, All Terrain Res-Q Trailer

PHOTO: Air Methods MedEvac helicopter crew receives patient from KY ATV Safety & Rescue Program instructors.
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Save 5% on 'Multi-Unit' orders of 'All Terrain Res-Q' trailers with Junkin stretchers!

By outfitting your off-road rescue teams with three (3) or more new 'ATR' patient transport trailers,

complete with a rear attendant's seat and Junkin 'JSA-200' basket stretcher, save 5% off the

'ATR-1' straight frame rescue trailer, or the 'ATR-2'  folding frame rescue trailer price. 

This limited 'Multi-Unit' offer is available only through ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT.

Call:  ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT at 859-359-4502 for more details.

Or, email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com

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Desert SAR Sand Dunes Wilderness Rescue with ATV Patient Trailer

PHOTO:  Tonopah VFD's 4X4 Mule and Nye County SAR's 'All Terrain Res-Q' team up to save a life!

Kudos to Nye County Search & Rescue-- Tonopah Unit!

After a three day wilderness training exercise with their 'All Terrain Res-Q'  trailer,

Nye County SAR performed two successful off-road rescues just one week later...

Updated: July 8, 2010

Members of Nye County Search & Rescue -- Tonopah Unit, plus firefighters form Tonopah VFD, along with emergency response personnel from Eureka, Esmeralda and Lander counties, completed a three day wilderness rescue training exercise on Sunday, February 21, 2010. The site for this training, 'McKinney Tanks', off US Highway 6 approximately 18 miles east of Tonopah, is an abandoned old west stage coach stop and former livestock watering hole. With the aid of local Boy Scouts from BSA Troop 17 in Tonopah as victims, the exercise covered all aspects of rescue missions in high desert wilderness areas.

For the complete article visit: http://eeresq.com/id11.html.

For more information email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com

Or, call us at:  859-359-4502 today!

"Also check out:  http://www.FireRescue1.com/fire-products/Vehicles/Off-Road-Rescue"

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  KY Dept. of Ag receives new "All Terrain Res-Q Trailer" for ATV Safety & Rescue Training! 

ATV Rescue Training Weekend 2010 in Kentucky

 ATV Rescue Teams with 'All Terrain Res-Q' Trailers at emergency response training in Knott County, KY.

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT provides 'All Terrain Res-Q' to KY's "ATV Safety & Rescue Training Program"
Knott County, Kentucky
Updated:  July 8, 2010
* * *
Congratulations, Kentucky no longer leads the nation in all terrain vehicle (ATV) fatalities!  While wishing to remain humble, this group of dedicated emergency service professionals have been working hard to change that statistic for almost five years now.  However, the numbers are in for the three year period from 2005 through 2007, and West Virginia with 143 ATV related fatalities is #1 on this infamous list.  Florida with 123 ATV related fatalities is #2, and Kentucky with 114 ATV related fatalities is #3.  As these numbers are still far to high, our work continues.

So, on a cold and windy early fall Saturday morning in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, ten instructors from the unfunded Kentucky "ATV Safety and Rescue Training Program" gathered to participate in the 2ND annual "ATV Safety and Rescue R&D Weekend."  The purpose of this gathering was to better understand what the ATVs and UTVs used in this program could do, and perhaps more importantly, what they could not do.  The site for this unique gathering was the "KNOTT COUNTY ATV & MOTORCYCLE SAFETY TRAINING CENTER" at Sutton Memorial Park, located near the community of Vest, in Knot County, Kentucky.

This year's weekend itinerary included rescue scenarios drawn from actual off-road rescue reports from around the state.  Also, a new 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailer' for use in the Farm & Home Safety training Program's ATV Safety & Rescue classes was introduced to the program's volunteer instructors.  Mr. Dale Dobson, program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture's 'Farm and Home Safety Training Program' accepted the new off road rescue trailer from ATR's master distributor Mike Brady, of  ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT, in time for it to be displayed at the 2009 Kentucky State Fair.  Brady stated:

"With 136 of these life saving off-road rescue trailers now serving in 38 US states and in 3 countries, 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailers' are literally saving lives Coast to Coast, and then some!"

Participating in this ATV Safety and Rescue R&D Weekend were the management and staff of the Knott County ATV Safety Training Center, instructors from KDA's Farm & Home Safety Program, instructors from Kentucky State Fire Rescue Training, representatives of ///Emergency Equipment, the flight crews of Air Methods and PHI medical evacuation helicopter services, members of Elizabethtown Fire & Rescue, LaRue County Fire & Rescue, Hazard Fire & Rescue, Salyersville Fire & Rescue's Rhino ResQ Team, Grapevine - Chavies Fire & Rescue's ATV Res-Q Team, and the newly formed Knott County Trail Riders ATV Rescue Team.  In all, sixteen volunteer off-road rescue personnel utilized ten 4X4 ATVs and UTVs, plus four "All Terrain Res-Q Trailers" during the two-day learning experience with one goal in mind:  to learn how to improve response when off-road accidents occur.

Check back for more information and new photos as they come in from this valuable training opportunity.

REMEMBER, Please be SAFE out there!!!

Yamaha Rhino with All Terrain ResQ Trailer at PHI MEDEVAC LZ

PHOTO:  The KNOTT COUNTY TRAIL RIDERS CLUB's officially organized and trained "Off Road Rescue Team" delivers the patient to a PHI MEDEVAC helicopter LZ.

 * * *

 Are your rescue teams ready for this off-road accident?

With our 'All Terrain Res-Q' Trailer and Winter Operations "Skis Package"

You will be!

Park City, Utha, Back Country Rescue Team - All Terrain Res-Q on Skis

'All Terrain Res-Q' off road patient transport trailers -- "A SAFER way to haul them out!"
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Check this out!

All Terrain Res-Q Trailer *
Base units start at:

ATR-1  $3,325.00!  Straight Frame -- Non-Folding

ATR-2  $3,700.00!  Collapsible -- Folding Frame

All Terrain Res-Q Trailer  *
Equipped with Rear Attendant's Seat:

ATR- $3,793.00!  Straight Frame -- Non-Folding

ATR-2  $4,168.00!  Collapsible -- Folding Frame

(Prices effective through:  November 30, 2018)

+ Truck Freight FOB Cortland, NY, and Mfg's "Handling Fees" determined on order.

E-Mail us at:  EEResQ@cs.com

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  Enhance your 'All Terrain Res-Q' trailer, 'MedLite' EMS / Rescue insert or 'FireLite' Fire / Rescue insert by adding:

Junkin JSA-200 Basket Stretchers (one piece) for $686.00 + S/H


Junkin JSA-200B 'Break - Apart' Basket Stretchers (two piece) for $898.00 + S/H

 (Both stretchers have a plastic insert with a fully welded stainless steel frame and are rated at 1,200 lb. capacity!) 


859-359-4502 Office

859-379-7002 ATT Wireless

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All Terrain Rescue, Patient Litter Stretcher Trailer

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

Now order your Off-Road Res-Q Trailer in

Law Enforcement / EMS BLUE!!!

This ATR-2 is now in service with


This ATR has both ATV wheels and Snow Skis packages,

with Adjustable Rear Seat & Medical Tray plus

Patient L.E.D. Light Package.

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Off-Road Res-Q ATV & OHV Rescue News:

Updated:  July 8, 2010

Firefighters with TERRY'S CORNERS VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANY in Gasport, New York, are known as the "Yellow Jackets" for a good reason.  Terry's Corners is "HOME OF THE FIRST YELLOW FIRE TRUCKS!"  When "///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT" noticed the All Terrain ResQ Trailer delivered to the "Yellow Jackets" was fire truck red, that just wouldn't do.  So, Empire Welding & Fabricating and ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT teamed up to deliver a new Off Road Rescue Trailer to the "Yellow Jackets" custom finished in "Penske Yellow" the trade-mark color of Terry's Corners VFC.  If your response agency has a unique apparatus color requirement or tradition, let us know and we'll be glad to work up a quote for a new All Terrain ResQ trailer finished to match your colors!  Just ask the "Yellow Jackets" of Terry's Corners Volunteer Fire Company in Gasport, New York.

CanAm Outlander Max and All Terrain ResQ Trailer

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

'All Terrain Res-Q Trailers' Deliver!

For more information call: 859-359-4502,

or E-Mail us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

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All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

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