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Honda 500 Foreman ATV and 'All Terrain Res-Q' model ATR-1 off road patient transport trailer on 18-Ft. hauler.

ATR-1 Rescue Trailer and  ATV Ready To Go!

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT uses JUNKIN stretchers for their rugged construction and proven RELIABILITY!


With a high visability Junkin JSA-200 basket stretcher and Off-Road Rescue Trailer, the night isn't so dark!

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Short on storage space?  Order a JUNKIN 'Break-Apart' JSA-200B basket stretcher with your MedLite.

Medical Gator with MedLite EMS insert and Junkin Break-Apart Stretcher

Medical Gator with MedLite EMS Insert and Junkin Break-Apart Stretcher

Order your "JSA-200B Break-Apart" Stretcher today!

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Off-Road ResQ Trailer & JUNKIN JSA-200 Litter,

Stainless Steel frame and 1,200 lbs. Capacity!!!

Order your "JSA-200" basket stretcher today.

Call: 859-359-4502 


Email us at: EEResQ@cs.com

All Terrain Rescue Medical Tray

Off-Road ResQ's new ATV EMS Medical Tray installs in seconds.  Order yours today!

This 'All Terrain Res-Q' off-road patient transport trailer was challenged to haul a heavy load during the Pike County Fire & Rescue School.


Off-Road Rescue Team, with a Junkin JSA-200

Litter and CMC Litter Shield, prepares to run

a slalom couse during the ATV Safety & Rescue

course taught in Pike County, KY by Kentucky's

Dept. of Agriculture Farm & Home Safety Program.

 For ATV SAFETY program information call:

  KY Dept. of Agricuture at 502-564-4696 .

ATV Safety and Rescue Slalom Course

 Off-Road Res-Q ATV & OHV Rescue News:

Our "ATV RESCUE TEAM" was put to a test

during an ATV Safety Program at the Pike

 County Fire & Rescue School.  With a new ATV

Off-Road Rescue trailer in tow, and +800 lbs.

of patient and EMT on board, we negotiated a

tough "ATV Safety Program - Slalom Course"

without knocking over a single traffic cone !!!


Salyersville Fire Department in Magoffin County, Kentucky has purchased this ATR-2 folding frame Res-Q for use in cooperation with the new "AREA-9 ATV Rhino Res-Q Team." Salyersville FD  personnel completed the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture's new "ATV Safety & Rescue" training program at the Daniel Boone Fire / Rescue School in Moorehead, Kentucky. This program is one of several taught throughout the state by KDA's "Farm & Home Safety Training Program."

For ATV Safety & Rescue Training Program information call:

Kentucky Dept. of Agricuture at 502-564-4696

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Off-Road Res-Q ATV / OHV Rescue News:

Posted:  July 10, 2008

ATV Accident Injures Hamilton, Ontario Man

Off-road rescue made quicker with new Off-Road ResQ Trailer!


An Ontario man was seriously injured in an all terrain vehicle accident on a trail in Charlevoix County yesterday.  The Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office identified the man as Maurice Labelle, 56, of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Labelle was transported to the Northern Michigan Regional Hospital where he was listed in fair condition Thursday.

Deputies said Labelle was riding a 4-wheeler on a trail that runs east of Chandler Hill Road in Chandler Township at 2:15 p.m. Wednesday, when he hit a deep rut in the trail, was thrown from the vehicle, which then ran over him.  Labelle sustained serious abdominal injuries, but, fortunately he was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Fire - Rescue personnel from Melrose Township and Boyne Valley Township used Boyne Valley's new ATV and 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailer' to transport Labelle from out of the wooded area where the accident took place.  Once at the road, Labelle was transported to the hospital by ambulance to NMRH in Petoskey.



The Army's Ft. Knox Fire & Emergency Services actively trains with their two Off-Road ResQ Trailers in the woods of Ft. Knox, Kentucky.  With hundreds of miles of wooded trails on this major US Army training base, Ft. Knox rescue personnel no longer have to pack them out on foot!


Off-Road ResQ Trailers save lives and rescuer's backs!


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All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

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