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The University of Louisville's GATOR XUV with MedLite

Transport Deluxe EMS / Rescue bed insert goes to work!

201University of Louisville Vs Rutgers University
UofL Vs Rutgers-10-21-2011
"Carrying a second EMS attendant on the tail board area of the MedLite insert is not recommended."
U of L Papa John's Cardinal Stadium
12:52 PM EDT, Oct. 22, 2011
Updated:  1:00 PM, Oct. 24, 2011
Staff Writer

As the saying goes, "I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!"  Such was the case, when in the second quarter of Friday night's University of Louisville versus Rutgers University NCAA football game, U of L's senior cornerback, Anthony Conner, broke his neck while making a tackle.  Fortunately, U of L's athletic department medical staff recently placed a new 2011 John Deere Gator 825i XUV in service to respond to just such an event.  The 4X4 Gator XUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) has fully independent front and rear suspensions, making it the perfect solution for critical off road patient transports like this.  Also, this Gator is outfitted with a MedLite emergency medical bed insert with Turtle Tile matting on the stretcher deck for an even smoother ride.

U of L's medical staff and Yellow Ambulance of Louisville paramedics stabilized Conner on a long spine board with a head immobilizer as he laid on the 27 yard line after impact.  Once stabilized, Conner was gently loaded on to the stretcher deck of the MedLite.  After securing the player and backboard to the MedLite's rails, paramedics on the Gator were able to monitor the injured player as he was safely transported over 100 yards to a waiting ambulance just off the playing surface at the other end of the field.

UPDATE:  1:00 PM, Monday, Oct. 24, 2011 -- As of this writing, Conner underwent surgery at the Louisville Jewish Hospital to stabilize a cervical spine fracture.  Latest reports indicate he is not paralyzed and has feeling in all his extremities.  Doctors have stated there is no reason to expect Conner will not walk out of the hospital upon his release later this week.

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KENTUCKY DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE'S "Farm & Home Safety Training Program"

Kentucky Department of Agriculture ATV Rescue Training

Load testing of the Polaris 6X6 Ranger with MedLite EMS Insert and All Terrain Res-Q Trailer.

For More Information Call:  859-359-4502  or  Email:  EEResQ@cs.com .

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Rosco - Rockland Fire Dept., NY.

Bombardier CanAm Outlander Max ATV Rescue Trailer

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

 Roscoe - Rockland FD, Station #29, Sullivan County, NY, picked up the "Off Road Rescue" trailer pictured above.  RRFD will tow this ATV rescue trailer with their Kubota RTV-900 4X4 off-road utility vehicle Unit #29-62.  The purchase of this 10 month old rescue trailer, at a reduced price, was arranged by ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENTFormerly, Terry's Corners VFC in Niagara County, NY owned this ATR-1.  Home of the "1ST Yellow Fire Trucks!" TCVFC now has a new "Penske Yellow" ATR-2 rescue trailer matching their apparatus fleet.

For more information on ATR "Specials" call:  859-359-4502 or Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com !

CanAm and All Terrain Rescue Trailer

Terry's Corners VFC in Niagara County, NY, now operates this 'ATR-2' finished in "Penske Yellow".

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Check this out!!!

KY Dept. of Agriculture's Farm & Home Safety Program uses "All Terrain Res-Q Trailers" for ATV Safety & Rescue Training!

ATV Rescue Team Patient MedEvac Helicopter

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

Two "Off-Road Res-Qs" respond to a multiple victim ATV accident scenario during off-road rescue training in Knott County, KY.

The ATV Safety & Rescue Training goal is to reduce lethality of accidents occuring off-road!


Training rescuers to respond safely in the first step.


Safely removing and securing the ATV is stressed.


Patient assessment and packaging prior to removal.


Using the right equipment for the job insures success!


For more information about

"Off-Road Res-Q Trailers"


Mike Brady




Email :    EEResQ@cs.com 

All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666


For more information about this program please contact:


"Farm & Home Safety Training Program"

and inquire about their new

"ATV Safety & Rescue Training Program"


  Kentucky Department of Agriculture  


All Terrain Res-Q Trailers are protected under US PATENT # 7131666

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