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 ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT announces a package
for the
2017 Hike / Bike / Run & Ride season!

Polaris Ranger and rescue trailer at Warrior Dash offroad race

Just in time for the 2017 special event season ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT is offering this 'All Terrain Res-Q' (ATR) off road

patient transport trailer and 'MedLite' (MTD) EMS / Rescue bed insert combination at 5% off retail.  This offer includes any

'Junkin' (JSA) basket stretcher / litter ordered with a combined 'ATR' and 'MTD' order placed through October 31, 2017.

Depending on order total, you save from $325 to $500 with this 'ATR' trailer and 'MTD' insert package! 

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TO ORDER CALL:  859-359-4502, or EMAIL:  EEResQ@cs.com.

As advertised online at:   http://www.FireRescue1.com/fire-products/Vehicles/Off-Road-Rescue/

(Savings are based on 2017 'ATR' / 'MTD'  / 'JSA' retail prices.)

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'All Terriain Res-Q'

ATV / UTV and Snowmobile rescue teams in action around the country!


 ELDRED FD "Artic Cat" & ATV Winter Rescue!


 "Arctic Cat Prowler 650" & ATV ResQ on Skis!


 "Arctic Cat Prowler" & "Off-Road Rescue!"


"ATV Res-Q on the trail in Pike County, KY"


 "Safe Off-Road Patient Transport!"


"ATV Rescue Trailer through the bog!"


 PARK CITY FD, UT "Special Operations Team"


Snowmobile accident scene in the Wasatch Mt.s


'Special Operations Team' to the ResQ!



Off-Road Res-Q ATV & OHV Rescue News:

Posted:  January 15, 2009

"A Busy Year for the Lake City Fire Company!"

When Lake City Fire Company in northwestern Pennsylvania purchased their new 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailer' in March 2008, they knew it would be a useful addition to their Kawasaki Trans4X4 3010 Mule off-road rescue vehicle.  But, no one figured on 7 dispatches for off-road responses in their area, including: 3 patient transports, 2 cancels, 1 special event stand-by, and 1 water rescue / turned recovery in just nine months with this new equipment.  It was Lake City's most recent dispatch that turned into a body recovery mission.

Most of us were safe and warm at home enjoying the Thanksgiving Day parade on TV the morning of November 27, 2008, at 10:00 AM.  About that time, Lake City FC units were dispatched to reports of "A man down near the Elk Creek tubes."  The "tubes" are large concrete and steel 30-Ft. diameter culverts that allow the waters of Elk Creek to flow under an elevated earthen railroad trestle as they flow north into Lake Erie.  LCFC Squad 577, Rescue 579, West County Paramedics, and Utility 566 with the Mule and Res-Q trailer responded to the call.

Staging was an area off North Creek Road near the railroad tracks, about a quarter mile southeast of the scene.  While the first-in rescue crew made its' way to the trestle and down the embankment, Utility 566 unloaded the Mule and Res-Q trailer.  LCFC rescue personnel found the patient on the bank, inside one of the tubes, displaying no signs of life, and obvious signs of death.  As such, this rescue was reclassified a recovery mission.  Considering the remote location of the body, LCFC's personnel prepared for a difficult removal.

LCFC's second-in crew donned water rescue PPE and set up a rapid deployment craft (RDC), with a basket stretcher, for transport to the creek access by the Mule and Res-Q trailer.  A 3 member RDC crew entered the icy waters and made there way to the victim still inside the culvert.  They loaded and secured the victim in the basket stretcher, then loaded the stretcher onto the RDC for transport downstream where the Mule and ResQ trailer had staged.

Once on shore, the RDC crew transferred the basket stretcher with the victim to the Res-Q trailer.  Then, the 4 passenger Mule transported the 3 member RDC and crew, the victim, and a Paramedic back to the staging area.  For more images of this very successful and safe recovery, please Click Here 

The 25 member "all volunteer" Lake City Fire Company is located on the Pennsylvania shore of Lake Erie.  These dedicated Fire-Rescue and EMS professionals donate their time to train and respond, year round, to calls like this.  'All Terrain Res-Q' is proud to be a part of this organization!

For more info call: 

Mike Brady at 859-359-4502,


Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com.


Posted:  Oct. 22, 2009

Check out this WJET-TV news video of Lake City's Mule and 'All Terrain Res-Q' hauling two girls from a water rescue in Pennsylvania.


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US PATENT # 7131666

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For more information please call:  859-359-4502


Eldred Boro Fire Department, Pennsylvania

Off-Road Res-Q ATV & OHV Rescue News:

Posted:  January 30, 2009

Eldred Boro FD 'Rescue 45' and 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailer' Completes Mutual Aid Off-Road Rescue Mission Despite Icy Roads and Apparatus Breakdown!

Almost three years to the day after Eldred Borough FD, Station - 4, McKean County, PA, received their 'All Terrain Res-Q' off-road patient transport trailer, Eldred's 'Rescue 45' was dispatched to assist Port Allegany FD and Port Area Ambulance at the scene of a snowmobile accident.  Another mutual aid call, Eldred Boro FD personnel hitched their 18-Ft. long off-road rescue equipment hauler to 'Utility 44' and responded to an area of snowmobile trails at the end of Two Mile Road, 13 miles away in Annin Township.

The 911 caller, a witness to the accident, did not know their exact location on the trails.  So, the Mckean County 911 Dispatch Center traced the cell phone signal using 'Enhanced 911' to determine the scene was located on a trail, a half mile off the nearest paved road.  Unfortunately, icy road conditions prevented first responders from reaching the closest access to the trail.  So, staging was established at the bottom of a hill, 1.5 miles away.  Upon arrival of the first in rescue, Port Allegany FD 'Rescue 38' deployed their crew and medical equipment.  However, transportation to the accident scene was provided by two private citizens on snowmobiles.

Meanwhile, Eldred's 'Utility 44' hauling 'Rescue 45' and the 'All Terrain Res-Q Trailer' were confronted with an emergency of their own.  The turbo on 'Utility 44' blew and the F-550 brush truck towing the off-road rescue equipment hauler came to a halt about 2 miles from staging.  However, quick thinking 'Rescue 45' members dropped the hauler's ramp door and finished the remainder of their emergency response on board their 'Arctic Cat' 650 Prowler UTV with the ResQ trailer in tow.  Further complicating the response was an air temperature of just 7 degrees, combined with travel at close to highway speeds, without the benefit of a windshield!

Upon arrival at staging of Eldred 'Rescue 45' and the patient transport trailer, their crew was directed to the snowmobile trail access point.  However, to access the trail, 'Rescue 45' had to climb a steep icy hill and cross a 3-Ft. high snow barrier.  Once on the trail, 'Rescue 45' encountered several humps and bumps as they made their way to the accident scene and Port Allegany FD 'Rescue 38's' patient.  After a quick "Load-and-Go" evolution, the patient was transported almost 2 miles back to the staging area, and care was transferred to Port Area Ambulance and Medic 16 personnel.  As ALS care was initiated by Medic 16, the patient was transported to an LZ where 'STAT - 9 MedEvac' was waiting.  After loading the patient on-board the helicopter, all Fire Department units returned to service.

Without the proper training, equipment, cooperation and pre-planing for off-road missions like this, the victim may not have made it off this remote snowmobile trail alive.  The combined efforts of McKean County 911 Dispatch Center, the Port Allegany Fire Department, Port Area Ambulance and Medic 16, the Eldred Borough Fire Department and Rescue 45, plus the STAT-9 MedEvac crew, and 'All Terrain Res-Q' made it happen!

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