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We've improved the ATRFF-70 ATV / UTV Off-Road Firefighter Trailer!

ATRFF-70 is towable by larger 4X4 utility ATVs
*    Honda Gas Powered 5.5 H.P. Engine
*    Darley / Davey Two-Stage Fire Pump
*    50-Ft. of 3/4" Booster Hose on Manual Reel
*    POK 10 - 24 Dual Gallonage Wildland Tip
*    70 Gallon Poly Water Tank w/ Top Fill Hatch
*    10-Ft. 1-1/2" Flexible Suction Hose
*    Gated Valve:  Pump to 3/4" Reel (Booster Hose)
*    Gated Valve:  Pump to 1" Discharge (Forestry Hose)
*    Gated Valve:  Pump to 1-1/2" Discharge (Fire Hose)
*    Gated Valve:  Tank to Pump / Pump to Tank

Plus, check out the redesigned 'ATRCAFS-21' ATV Off-Road "Stored Energy" Compressed Air Foam System!

21 Gallon Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam System
21 - Gallon Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Skid on ATR Patient Transport Trailer

Our 21 - Gallon Stored Energy Compressed Air Foam System is skid mounted and can be configured to mount on the 'All Terrain Res-Q' patient trailer, or in the bed of a compact utility trail vehicle (UTV).

This system produces 210 gallons of finished Class - A foam solution and propels it 55-Ft.!  The skid ships complete with a 50-Ft. section of flat forestry hose and a straight bore nozzle, one (1) compressed air cylinder with mount.  A second 50-Ft. section of hose and a second compressed air cylinder with mount is available.

* * *

1ST HONDA 'BIG RED' with an 'All Terrain Res-Q' Patient Transport Trailer!

Honda BIG RED Side-By-Side and All Terrain ResQ Patient Trailer

When Kendallville Fire Department in northeast Indiana started looking for an utility vehicle with the power and handling to haul fire supression gear in the bed and tow a patient transport trailer with eaze, they chose the HONDA 'Big Red' 4X4 side-by-side.  With its' 675cc EFI Honda gas engine and automotive style 'torque converter' automatic transmission, this beast easily tows the 'All Terrain Res-Q' trailer at max payload!  For more information call:  859-359-4502.  Or, email us at: EEResQ@cs.com.
* * *

U.S. Parks Service funds 'FireLite' Fire / Rescue skid and 'All Terrain Res-Q' patient transport trailer in WV!

Kubota RTV 1140-CPX FireLite Fire Rescue Skid and All Terrain Res-Q Patient Trailer

It took almost two years for the planning.  Plus, multiple applications to various local, state and federal funding sources.  But, the NUTTALL Volunteer Fire Department in Lookout, West Virginia, has one of the most versatile, and powerful, combination Fire / Rescue / EMS vehicles for off-road emergency responses in the region!
* * * 
The 'FireLite' FDH Fire / Rescue skid includes a 70 gallon poly-tank, plus 5 gallon Class - A foam cell, to supply the Darley / Davey two-stage fire service pump and Scotty 'around-the-pump' foam system.  The Hannay hose reel, with electric rewind option, holds 100-Ft. of 3/4" fire booster hose (or 50-Ft. of 1" hose).  The fire hose is equipped with a POK 'low-flow' nozzle.  This utility trail vehicle (UTV) Fire / Rescue insert can also carry a basket stretcher, litter, or backboard, on its' Turtle Tile covered rescue / stretcher deck permitting the transport of two patients when required.  Or, this deck can be used to transport additional p-cans or Indian packs to firefighters in the field.
* * *
The 'All Terrain Res-Q' ATR-2  off-road patient transport trailer is equipped with a removable rear attendant's seat, I.V. pole and a Junkin JSA-200 basket stretcher / litter.  With its' patented dynamic suspension system, the ATR trailer is the most comfortable means of patient removal from trails and off-highway locations.  For more information, call:  859-359-4502.  Or, email us at: EEResQ@cs.com.

* * *

 Haul two patients with only one additional attendant!

Medical Gator with Rescue Trailer

This John Deere Gator "XUV" is outfitted with a "MedLite Transport Deluxe" emergency

medical insert (MTD-12), and safely tows an 'All Terrain Res-Q' off-road patient transport trailer.

For more details call:  859-359-4502, or Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

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Polaris Ranger 6X6 FireLite Firefighting UTV Skid

Check it out:

KIMTEK FireLite Transport FDH-203 for your Polaris 6X6 Ranger 800!

This off road work horse fights fires and transports a patient in a basket stretcher when needed.

For more information call:  859-359-4502  or  Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com

* * *

'Looking for a "Medical / EMS" or "Fire / Rescue" insert for your John Deere Gator utility vehicle?'

John Deere Gator 6X4 UTV Firefighting Skid

We have MedLite and FireLite bed inserts for Gator 4X4 XUV, Gator 4X4 HPX, Gator 6X4 800 and M-Gators!


 Put the WET stuff on RED stuff with an 'FDH' Off Road Fire Fighting insert for your Crew Ranger! 

Polaris Crew Ranger 4X4 FireLite Off Road Firefighting Skid

 Polaris Crew Ranger outfitted with FireLite FDH, 


Is your department is looking for a go anywhere,.

Polaris Crew Ranger 4X4 Fire-Rescue UTV Insert

 Darley / Davey 5.5 HP pump and 100' hose reel.  


  4X4 or 6X6 off-road Fire / Rescue & EMS unit?

Polaris 6X6 Ranger FireLIte Fire-Rescue Skid at Ashmores, CT


  'FireLite Transport Deluxe' UTV Fire / Rescue skids are built for off road! 

Carrying 70 gallons of water and an available 5 gallon foam cell, this off-road firefighting skid can be built to fit most full size UTVs like the Ranger 6X6, Gator 6X4 and Cub Cadet 6X4.  Also, the 55 gallon model is designed for mid-sized 4X4 UTVs like the Ranger 4X4, Gator - HPX and XUV, the Kawasaki 3010 and 4010 Mule, Kubota RTV 900 and 1100, the Cub Cadet Volunteer, and now the BobCat UTV.

Call:  859-359-4502 for more information!

* * *

  MedLite MTD-103 insert transports a patient and responders with gear!


 Outfit your off-road rescue teams with the JSA-200B 'Break - Apart' stretcher from JUNKIN.

* * *

 MedLite MTD is a perfect fit for your Gator, Mule, Ranger or Kubota UTV!

"Marshall County Uses FEMA Reimbursements and DHS Grant Funds for Medical Gator"

Mark Harrison, EMS Director
Benton, Kentucky
June 29, 2010

Marshall County EMS, based in Benton, KY, serves residents and tourist of this southwestern Kentucky community, bordering Kentucky Lake, and the "Land Between The Lakes" recreation area.  Recently, they placed into service a John Deere Gator 4X4 XUV outfitted with a MedLite™ EMS insert in the cargo bed.  The medical insert allows for safe transport of a patient on a long spine board, or packaged in a Stoke's type basket stretcher or litter.  It includes an adjustable attendant's seat and a storage compartment with slide out tray for EMS equipment.

Marshall Co. EMS 'Gator' standby 2010 "Tater Days"
Marshall County Kentucky EMS Med-Bed Gator at Large Crowd Event
LEFT: Brian Harrison, EMT-B // RIGHT: Bryan Cutsinger, Paramedic / Supervisor

The Gator 4X4 utility vehicle was funded by 'Marshall County Fiscal Court' through allocation of FEMA reimbursement monies from the 2009 ice storm that struck this region.   Funding for the MedLite™ medical insert was obtained through a US Department of Homeland Security grant administered by Kentucky's Office of Homeland Security.  Along with the Gator and EMS insert, a 20-Ft. long 'Special Response Support Trailer' was purchased to house and transport the off road rescue equipment during emergencies.  Additionally, this trailer has been outfitted with medical, communications and command supplies for use as a forward command post during disaster responses throughout the region.

Four 911 calls for EMS were dispatched...
Medical Gator EMT Paramadic Response Vehicle
The 'Gator' arrived on scene first with Paramedics!

Emergency services administrators realized the need for this equipment during the 2009 winter ice storm.  Due to the numerous blocked roads caused by this regional natural disaster, health and welfare visits to elderly and infirm citizens were almost impossible.  Plus, some emergency transports were delayed for days due to restricted access by conventional emergency vehicles.  The Gator's size and 4-wheel drive would have allowed it to go around many of these obstacles to reach those in need.   Also, Marshall County EMS responds to several ATV, hiking, boating and hunting accidents every year.  As such, the addition of this 4X4 off road emergency vehicle will improve response times and enhance the safety of both emergency personnel and patients.

For more information on the "Gator" project contact Marshall County EMS at:  270-527-1243.

*  *  *

Now, transport a Stryker 'Rugged Terrain' ambulance stretcher on off road rescue vehicles!

Introducing the 'MTSTR-104' EMS / Rescue 'Stretcher Transport' Bed Insert.

Polaris 6X6 Ranger with KIMTEK MTSTR-104 Stretcher Insert.

This off road work horse transports an attendant and patient on almost any stretcher.

(NOTE: Ambulance stretcher mounts must be provided and installed by the end user. )

For more information call:  859-359-4502  or  Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

* * *

Wow... Check out this "EXTREME" off road Kubota RTV 1100!

KIMTEK Kubota RTV FireLite Firefighting Rescue Vehicle

Not only does this monster 4X4 off road utility vehicle have a radical set of tracks and a climate controlled fully enclosed cab, in the bed is a Kimtek "FireLite Transport Deluxe" fire-rescue insert with Darley/Davey pump, Hannay electric rewind hose reel with 100-Ft. of 3/4" booster hose, hose bed / storage area, rescue stretcher / litter area, and 75 gallon poly tank in a bright diamond plate aluminum housing with aluminum tubing sub-frame.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Enhance your MedLite EMS / Rescue or FireLite Fire / Rescue UTV insert by adding:

Junkin JSA-200 Basket Stretchers (one piece) for $649.00 + S/H


Junkin JSA-200B 'Break - Apart' Basket Stretchers (two piece) for $849.00 + S/H
 (Both stretchers have a plastic insert with a stainless steel frame rated at 1,200 lb. capacity!) 


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