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Introducing TIREBALLS "RUN - FLAT" Tire Protection System for Off Road Rescue Vehicles!

ATV and UTV Run - Flat Tires

Rescuers asked for them.  Now, 'TIREBALLS', a virtual "FLAT - PROOF"  tire system has arrived!

///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT and TIRESBALLS are proud to announce a set of "RUN - FLAT" tires will be provided to the Kentucky Dept. of Agriculture's Farm & Home Safety Training Program.  This "FLAT - PROOF" tire system will be installed in the tires on this 'All Terrain Res-Q' off road patient transport trailer used in the "ATV Safety & Rescue Training Program" presented to thousands of emergency responders statewide throughout Kentucky every year.

KY Dept of Ag at Dixie Fire School 2012

The TIRE BALL® Company and ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT are pleased to announce this proven technology is available for distribution to all public and private emergency responders. Now, Fire / Rescue / EMS / EMA / SAR and Law Enforcement agencies can benefit from the same advantage off road racers and special warfare operators have enjoyed for years.  With TIREBALLS added to your off road response vehicle or trailer, your tires are virtually Flat–Proof!

*    Tires containing the TIREBALLS tire protection system use a multiple air cell design which allows puncturing of several cells without total loss of air pressure.  As hazards are encountered, cells are individually deflated, while remaining cells expand to fill the void.  As a result, off road rescuers safely continue emergency operations without stopping to repair a flat.


*    Tires containing the TIREBALLS tire protection protection system safely allows your off road rescue vehicles to run with lower inflation pressures.  Lower air pressure in tires results in expanding the tire’s contact patch.  This improves your off road traction, while producing increased acceleration with shorter braking distances.  Overall, your rescuers benefit from safer off road emergency vehicle operations.

*    Tires containing the TIREBALLS protection system virtually eliminates tire sidewall instability.  By acting as an inner tire bead lock, even at reduced tire pressures the multiple air cell design exerts internal pressure on tire sidewalls.  This pressure holds the tire bead in place under lateral loading conditions, preventing the “rollover effect” and total deflation that frequently occurs in under inflated tires during emergency off road operations.

Racing ATV tire severely cut on the course.
Cut racing ATV tire with TireBalls.jpg
While scarred, the TireBall held and the driver won the event!

*    Tires containing TIREBALLS tire protection system produces an enhanced suspension effect.  When the tire encounters an obstacle, air pressure is progressively increased at the point of contact as the multiple air cells are compressed.  This produces a smoother ride, avoiding the “bounce effect” and protects your rims from sustaining severe impact damage. 
*    Tires containing TIREBALLS tire protection system allows emergency responders to 'accomplish the mission' and return to base where tire repairs are made before the next emergency off-road rescue mission is dispatched. 

For more information on TIREBALLS "RUN - FLAT" ATV / UTV Tires for Off Road Rescue Teams 

Call:  859-359-4502, or email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

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///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT is now running TIREBALLS 'RUN - FLAT' ATV & UTV tire protection system on our demo 'All Terrain Res-Q' (ATR) off road patient transport trailer.  This trailer is towed by a 2011 Polaris 4X4 Ranger 800 XP / LE / EPS with 'MedLite EMS / Rescue' insert for multiple patient transports.  You can see this off road rescue vehicle in action during the upcoming WARRIOR DASH, June 23, 2012, at Pope's Ranch, in Marion County, Kentucky. 

Warrior Dash KY 2012 Emergency Medical Response Vehicle.jpg

As "zoned out" Warrior Dash participants pass by, this specially outfitted off-road emergency medical response unit is standing-by on an access trail.  When the call for aid comes in, this 'All Wheel Drive' Polaris 800 XP (extreme performace) UTV with 'MedLite' bed insert and 'All Terrain Res-Q' patient transport trailer responds.  This combination rig safely transports two back-boarded patients in basket stretchers, each with a Paramedic or EMT, and one "walking wounded" patient seat-belted in the cab with the operator.  With it's 1500 Lb. payload capacity and 2000 Lb. towing capacity, that's a total of three patients and three rescuers safely transported by one totally AWESOME off-road rescue vehicle!

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Warrior Dash 2012 Kentucky

For more information on outfitting your off road search & rescue unit with a 'MedLite EMS / Rescue' insert and 'All Terrain Res-Q' patient transport trailer, contact ///EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT.

Call:  859-359-4502, or email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com .

Also, check out the Kentucky 'WARRIOR DASH' at:


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"Mini Emergency Response Vehicles"

Built on these off-road utility vehicle chassis:

*  KAWASAKI "Trans4X4"




*  POLARIS  "Crew Ranger"

*  POLARIS  "6X6 Ranger"

For more information or pricing on

 MERV's please call:


* * *


Custom MERV built on Kawasaki 'Trans4X4chassis.

"Mini-Emergency Response Vehicles"

MERVs are fast becoming the vehicle of choice for emergency service agencies with jurisdiction over large open off-road areas requiring frequent rapid Emergency Medical Team response.

*  Large municipal, township or county parks.

*  Football, baseball and other sports venues.

*  Auto racing  and  other MotorSports events.

*  Outdoor festivals and fairgrounds facilities.

For more information please call:

 MIKE BRADY at 859-359-4502

or Email at: EEResQ@cs.com

* * *

EMS MERV on John Deere Gator HPX

Custom MERV built on a JOHN DEERE utility off-road "GATOR" 4X4 chassis.

 Customize your MERV with these options:

*  MEDIC/EMT swivel seat

*  L.E.D. emergency lighting

*  SIREN with volume controls

*  MEDICAL storage compartments

*  STRETCHER mounts to fit your cot

*  O2, AED, MONITOR mounting brackets

*  ROLLOVER protection and canopy options

* * *

Kawasaki Trans4X4 Mule MERV

KAWASAKI MULE MERV on a "Trans4X4" off-road utility vehicle chassis.


With this MERV you can carry 3 rescuers and the patient on a Stryker "Rugged Terrain" cot.

Plus, all the ALS medical gear needed to bring Paramedic level EMS to the patient at the scene of the off-road event.

With L.E.D. emergency lighting package, siren with a volume control, rollover protection and choice of cot mounts, for under $25,000!

Call: 859-359-4502

for more details!

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Same JD GATOR 4X4 MERV with a "FireCot" skid in place of the stretcher!

Great News...

Now, convert your M.E.R.V. from "Off-Road EMS" missions to "Brush FIRE" operations in one minute with the addition of our new "FireCot" skid option.  For years you have been looking for a small off-road 4X4 vehicle that can do both without compromising patient care or firefighting performance.  Well, now you've found it!

For more information on Mini-Emergency Response Vehicle or to receive a quote on an "Off-Road EMS" or "Brush Fire" MERV, built or modified to your specifications, please contact us direct:

Telephone:  859-359-4502

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Got a 4X4 XUV / HPX,TH 6X4, or the M-Gator?

Fire Cot Skid Unit for MERV Mini-Off Road Rescue Vehicles

'FireCot' converts your EMS MERV to a BRUSH MERV in a minute!

FireCot skids lock into the same mount as your cot.

FireCot comes standard with a 5.5 HP 2-stage pump.

FireCot has a 70 gallon tank, plus 3 gallon foam cell.

FireCot skid includes a proportioning foam eductor.

FireCot is delivered with 100-Ft. hose reel and hose.

FireCot also includes a 10/23 dual gallonage nozzle.

Email us at:  EEResQ@cs.com

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Make it a 4X4 or 6X4 FireLite Gator Today!


"FireLite" on the Gator 4X4 XUV utility vehicle.

"FireLite 4X4" inserts are perfect for agencies that frequently respond to brush and field fires, but periodically need off-road patient transportation via the same HPX or XUV utility vehicle.

* * *



 'FireLite Transport'


"FireLite" on the TH 6X4 Gator utility vehicle.

"FireLite 6X4" is for the departments who must take it all with them on one vehicle, and that vehicle needs to go almost anywhere, in almost any weather!

* * *



'MedLite Transport'



The 'FireLite Transport' UTV bed insert.

Prices range from $4,450 to $7,950 + Truck Freight.

(Fire-Rescue UTV bed insert 'only' for your full size UTV. )

For more information:

Call us at:  859-359-4502

Email us at:    EEResQ@cs.com  

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Check out this MedLite Transport Deluxe!

"Drop Shipped" to your location for just:

$3,600.00 + Truck Freight.

(Mdl. MTD-103 EMS-Rescue bed insert 'only' for your full size UTV.)

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Check this out...


ATV SAFETY is promoted through a new decal






HOPE MILLS, NORTH CAROLINA, purchased this distributor's demonstration 'EMS MERV

Mini-Emergency Response Vehicle!

Complete with a custom "EMS MERV" body, emergency lights and siren, built by 1ST Attack Engineering (formerly: WildFire Mfg.).

For more information call:  




proudly supports the


"Farm & Home Safety Training Program"

and their new

"ATV Safety & Rescue Training Course"

For more information about this program please visit:

  KENTUCKY Dept. of Agriculture  


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